Watershed Mammals

Mammals wander throughout the watershed year-round. Near the water, look for raccoons, mink, river otters, beaver, and muskrats. In the surrounding woods and fields you are likely to see rabbits, squirrels, fox, opossum, coyote, skunks, deer, and maybe even bobcat. Dawn and dusk are good times to catch a glimpse of animals on the prowl. 

Feathered Friends

The rich diversity of wildlife in the watershed provides year-round observation and enjoyment opportunities! Our watershed is a very popular stop for bird-watchers, and for good reason. There are dozens of species of birds native to the area, and many more that migrate through and use the Sugar River and its tributaries as a place to rest, feed, and nest. We invite you to come explore, and see how many of the following birds you can spot. The list is not meant to represent all of the birds that may be living in our watershed backyard. Please send us bird photos and sighting information to us and we will post it on our Facebook page or in our Photo Gallery.

Lower Sugar River Watershed bird species:

Sandhill cranes, many ducks, flycatchers, gulls, kinglets, Bald Eagles, osprey, northern harriers, great blue and green Herons, nighthawks, owls, and woodpeckers. There are also many duck species and several varieties of warblers. We invite you to use the following links to learn more about our wonderful feathered friends.

Green-Rock Audubon Society (GRAS)

Ned Hollister Bird Club

Welty Environmental Center

Wisconsin eBird

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