Juda School Watershed Project

The Juda Watershed Education and Restoration Project evolved out of an existing partnership between the Juda School, LSRWA, and Grande Cheese to sample and monitor water quality in the impaired North Fork Juda Branch (NFJB). To expand these efforts, the partnership was awarded a grant in 2013 from the Wisconsin Environmental Education Board (WEEB) to collaboratively develop a watershed-based curriculum and publicly accessible experimental buffer demonstration site along this section of the Sugar River Watershed.  

Curriculum Development and Community Outreach

Classroom and outdoor activities, student presentations, and public events and field days increase awareness about water quality issues and provide opportunities to develop possible solutions.

Ecological Design Process

Guided by professional resource managers, students are learning about the resources and existing conditions within the NFJB watershed, and are developing a Buffer Test Plot Design plan for restoring riparian functioning in the FFA agricultural field. A main goal of the design plan is to balance ecological and economic interests while improving water quality.

Experimental Design

The completed buffer installation will provide a long-term outdoor laboratory for testing the effectiveness of conservation practices, monitoring water quality, observing riparian and stream habitat, and surveying and inventorying the plants, animals, and insects within the study area.


The Buffer Test Plot and Experimental Design plan is currently in the review process, and on-the-ground installation of the test plots and sampling instrumentation will begin in late spring 2014. Once completed, the buffer will be monitored and maintained by the school and project partners as a long-term outdoor lab and pilot project. The buffer test plot and demonstration site will serve as a pilot project for LSRWA’s watershed planning program and restoration model. The curriculum and lesson plans will contribute to a regional watershed education curriculum under development by LSRWA and other partners. Please see the attached Juda School Watershed Education flyer for more information. 

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