Self-Guided Driving Tour of Aerially Applied Cover Crops Announced

Green County Land & Water Conservation Department, Monroe, WI

As some cash crops are being harvested, another crop is more visible - the cover crop.  Around two thousand acres of cover crops were aerially applied late in August and early September in Green County.  There has been a special focus for cover crops in the Spring Creek Watershed, in Jefferson and Spring Grove Townships or the southeast portion of Green County.  The emphasis for cover crops in this watershed is to reduce soil erosion and lessen the sediment being washed into Spring Creek. For a topo map of this watershed click HERE.

A tour of a variety of mixes has been established in the Spring Creek Watershed.  Nine sites have markers that describe the current cash crop, harvest date, what was planted for cover crops, when it was flown on and the anticipated 2017 cash crop.  Most sites’ cash crop have already been harvested.  There are four sites that had corn in 2016 and five were soybeans.  The cover crops that were flown on vary from winter rye to three- way mix of radish, oats and crimson clover.

The self-guided driving tour was set up to allow farmers and the public to see first-hand that aerial application is a feasible option to apply cover crops.  It was also intended to be convenient- a person could checkout as many or few sites as their schedule allows. The stops are marked with a sign that gives the driver a good view of the field.  

Brochures of the driving tour are available HERE for printing, or at the USDA Service Center at 1627 4th Ave West, Monroe or by visiting the Green County Land and Water Conservation website at then click on Departments- Land & Water Conservation- and at the bottom of the page under Events click on “Spring Creek Cover Crop Driving Tour”.

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